typewriter_erika_giffordErika started writing short stories and novels as a home schooling exercise and was recently surprised to discover that she has now been writing for over a third of her life.

Combining an active imagination with enthusiasm for outdoor adventures, she enticingly creates worlds of fiction that draw you into her stories. These stories range from immersing you in conversations with a ladybug to entire kingdoms full of elves, dwarves, dragons and wizards, sword fights and battles that decide the fate of kingdoms.

[T]the whole purpose of a cat . . . is to introduce a note of peace into a room.

— E.B. White

She agrees with E.B. White and finds them counterproductive to the writing process. This greatly frustrates both of her feline companions.

With her second work, Some Girls Like Dragons, now in print, she is back to working on a possible prequel, tentatively titled Phoenix. Set some thirty years prior to SGLD, it sets the stage….


When not writing, you can find her hiking, climbing, swimming and popping bubble wrap.