Some Girls Like Dragons (excerpt)

What have I done now? she thought. “Consorting with the enemy,” she heard her father reply. The moment I can possibly get away, I’m going, she walked a little farther only to be stopped in her tracks as an idea hit her. I haven’t even decided that I’m going to do when I get away! Do I plan a rebellion? Do I just spend the rest of my life in exile? The anxious thoughts tugged at her heart and refused to go away. What if I go and find a dragon? What if I go east and follow my dream? Her heart quickened with excitement. Would it be possible for her to follow the dreams she had when she was a child? What if I go and find elves and dwarfs? Can I make it that far?

Newle began to take steps to the library in the castle. The last time she had been in here it was to gather books about Hedgecliff and its history for Himdir. She remembered seeing a small map that outlined all that was known about the east. It had captivated her imagination at the time, but now it captivated her spirit and her cause.

She tiptoed into the library and shut the door quietly behind her. She dashed over to the bookcase she had remembered putting the map on. She riffled through five books and three stacks of paper.

Come on,” she whispered, she knew she had to find it, now, or never. “It’s got to be here somewhere,”

Panicking, she dashed to the other side of the library and leafed through three books. Panic swelled her throat.

She didn’t have much time. She dashed out of the room and after putting on her cloak, she went out to keep her appointment with Konrad at the stables.