If you had told me when I posted last week that I would have cover art teasers to share with you today, I would not have believed you. And yet just earlier this afternoon I met up with my wonderful cover artist, Grace Bohlen, and I have a full blown picture ready to make into a cover. Until the full cover is ready, enjoy these previews:

Seriously, I’m loving the way the flames and the eye look. The detail and depth in the eye, the shading on the beak, the blending on the feather/flames, and the way the flames fade off as though in the wind… I can’t wait to see this as a full blown cover! Grace has done an amazing job. She was really great to work with (even when I was a bit picky, undescriptive and forgot things) and I will post her professional portfolio website as soon as she has it up and running.

Until then!

Phoenix Cover Art Teaser
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