Writing Update

This week I’m coming to you with a Writing Update. Veil of the Phoenix is currently in the initial editing phase with the intent that we’ll be able to send it to the editor in the next few months. As you know Phoenix is expected to be released in August, but that isn’t the only writing project I’m working on.

I recently reached fifty-thousand words on another project (yay!). Fifty-thousand is a major milestone in the writing world because according to most sources out there, it is the threshold that turns a Novella (a short story) into a Novel. I had set my goal for writing this morning high in the hopes that I would be able to round off my first ten-thousand for this month, but after procrastinating instead of facing one of my plot holes I ended up focusing on getting those last couple hundred so I could reach that cumulative fifty-thousand. And yes I regret not getting more in, but I am very proud of how far this project has come since I started it a few months ago.


On the topic of writing and editing Phoenix, another question I get a lot is: What did you edit out of your book and why?

I’ve had a lot of trouble with this current writing project because it has a different tone from everything I’ve ever done before. There isn’t much I can say without spoilers, but I am very proud of what this work is turning into. It has had to go through several revisions. I kept lying to myself that it was fine until I had nearly 1/7 of a book, but I eventually realized that the story I was telling wasn’t the right one. The fact that I left it to fester for an entire year was only one of the warning signs. But even with this second draft, there have been many times when I looked at what I was currently working with and had to go back and change something because it wasn’t right. Particularly with Dragons, I didn’t like the way it originally ended. It was somewhat similar to the ending I finally published, but there were many reasons why it wouldn’t have done my characters justice. With Phoenix, it’s been such a long time since I worked on it that I have no idea where the editing process will take me.


I will keep this blog updated as we come up with an action plan for Phoenix. I am hoping to post a couple of different things up here in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that!

Until then!

Writing Update
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